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About Irish Doodles

Irish Doodles are a cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle. They are light-hearted, friendly, and curious and excellent with other animals and children. Most people with allergies can tolerate Irish Doodles, and they don't shed like normal dog breeds so won't leave hair all over your house. Our puppies genetically healthy and very loved and socialized. We put our hearts into raising healthy, happy family dogs! 

Red Diesel.jpg


Standard Irish Doodles 

Remi is 42 lbs, Diesel is 40 lbs

Summer 2024 litter planned!

These puppies are $2,500 + tax

Please fill out an application if interested!

Puppy Reserve List

Puppy #1 - 

Puppy #2 -  

Puppy #3 -  

Puppy #4 - 

Puppy #5 - 

Puppy #6 -

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