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We enjoy calm, friendly dogs in our family and that is what we look for in every dog we breed. Each one of these dogs lives in either our home or that of a friend, and they are spoiled and loved by their families. They are all DNA tested to ensure that our puppies are free of any genetic issues. 


Rella 2.jpg


Rella, an F1 Whoodle, is a great family dog! She loves playing with her children and other dogs and really enjoys car rides. She is a laid back, calm girl. 



Lady, a blue Standard Poodle, is a social, friendly, happy-go-lucky dog. She loves being by her people (or any people, actually!) and comes readily when called. She simply loves life!

LIttle Anne (2)_edited.jpg

Little Anne

Little Anne is friendly and very calm. She is playful and loves to find and point every bird she comes across! Annie is a registered Red Setter, the hunting version of Irish Setter.



Remi Soft is an F1 Irish Doodle, and she is a party waiting for a place to happen! Remi has good, fun energy, willing to play outside for hours, but she settles down for snuggles indoors.

Bailey face.jpg


Bailey, an F1 Whoodle, is friendly and very calm. She loves to run outside and play, especially when there is snow! She is loves people and is great with other dogs.

Sasha 3.jpg


Sasha, a beautiful brindle Standard Poodle, is calm, friendly and intelligent. She likes nothing better than spending time with her humans, especially the kids! 




Jax, a merle Moyen Poodle, is fabulous with children, playful and inquisitive with a quiet demeanor. He loves the outdoors and going on road trips. His puppies are very calm, smart, and friendly!

Charlie Wheaten.jpg


Charlie, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, comes from "Wheatens on the River." He's a sweet boy who loves snuggles, boat rides, and belly rubs. Will work for cheese.

Tucker 2.jpg


Tucker, a merle Mini-Poodle, is a fun, spunky little guy. Strangers are just friends he hasn't yet met. He is super-smart, loves to fetch, and is also an excellent lap-warmer!

Dash for site.jpg


Dash is a smart little dude with a fun personality! His favorite hobbies are watching birds and carrying the biggest stick he can manage. He is wonderfully playful, yet always ready to snuggle.

Red Diesel.jpg

Red Diesel

Diesel is my friend's Poodle from Copperstone Farm Doodles and Poodles. He is very smart, eager to please, and has a fun, friendly temperament. 

Pansy face for site.jpg




Poppy, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, was the first dog in our breeding program. Her puppies are smart, calm, and beautiful. She is now a pampered pet in our home.


Pansy, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, is a sweet girl with soulful eyes. She loves people and animals alike. She is a gentle, low-energy dog, though always happy to play.  

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