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This is a list of everyone who is currently waiting for a puppy in the order their applications were received. As puppies arrive, we will fill each litter by contacting families in the order they appear on this list. First pick of each litter is always reserved for the breeder to keep or assign. (Pick-of-the-Litter is often available for an extra $500. Contact us if interested!) 


Families fill out their breed and size preferences on their applications, but are allowed to pick any litter when it's their turn to choose.

Puppy Reserve List

1  GK - Fox Point, WI  (Not ready at this time)

2  B&D E - Knife River, MN (Mini-Whoodle)

3  EG - Glencoe, IL (Any-Whoodle)

4  JR - Rio, WI (Mini-Whoodle)

5  JZ - Holmen, WI (Standard-Whoodle)

6  AS - LaGrange Park, IL (Mini-Irish)

7  P&J L - Libertyville, IL (Mini-Whoodle)

8  VN - West Allis, WI (Mini-Whoodle)

9  LA B - Milwaukee, WI (Mini-Whoodle)

10 RO - Junction City, WI (Mini/Medium Whoodle)

11  JM Wood, Chicago, IL (Medium-Whoodle)

12 CO, Woodruff, WI 

13 KS, Wild Rose, WI (Mini/Standard Whoodle)

14 AL, Cudahy, WI (Standard-Whoodle)

15 DS, Libertyville, WI (Any-Whoodle)

16 ZA & PC, Green Bay, WI (Irish-Doodle)

17 J&K H, Evanston, IL (Any-Whoodle)

18 JB, Lake Elmo, MN (Mini/Medium-Whoodle)

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